Hoover Dam - A National Historic Landmark

KNPR, the local public radio station, has several locally produced radio programs that deal with the history of Las Vegas and the surrounding area. On several occasions they have produced stories about Hoover Dam. Below you will find links to those stories on KNPR's Web site. If you like what you hear and want to learn more about Las Vegas, check out KNPR's Web site at www.knpr.org.

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Several of the Nevada Yesterdays presentations mentions Boulder Dam. Hoover Dam was the original name, but in 1933 the Roosevelt administration changed the name to Boulder Dam. It stayed that way until 1947 when the name was changed back to Hoover Dam.

Nevada Yesterdays - Hoover Dam

Nevada Yesterdays - Black workers at Hoover Dam

Nevada Yesterdays - Disappearing Act or what happened to the town of St. Thomas.

Nevada Yesterdays - Birth of Boulder City

Nevada Yesterdays - President Franklin Roosevelt Visits

Nevada Yesterdays - Depression Era Las Vegas

Nevada Yesterdays - Wobblies at the dam - Union activites at Hoover Dam.

The Las Vegas I Remember - Hoover Dam Hal Curtis and Tommy Nelson talk about how bad things were during the Great Depression, and how the area’s economy turned around with the construction of Hoover Dam. It was dirty, dangerous work but it was eagerly taken by men who were desperate for any kind of paying job.

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Along The Way - River Rafting

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